Stathis Aliprandis

Hi! I'm Stathis; a Computer Scientist and Software Engineer from Athens, Greece.

Instead of choosing a certain Software Engineering subfield, I chose to be jack of all trades. Over the years, I've worked on topics ranging from back end, front end and server administration to data mining, anomaly detection, exploratory data analysis and even technical customer support. I also enjoy designing user interfaces but I am happier when there is a another person to do this job.

Speaking of happy, I find a source of happiness in CS Theory. I am especially interested in semantics, both formal and natural language, automated reasoning and theory of computation. Machine Learning is something I do when there is a need for it (though I tend to turn every problem into regression).

The big hobbies of my life include hiking and theatre.
I've spent a decade in amateur theatre collectives; acting and assisting in production and promotion.
In a hike, I just like to go fast.